Pediatrician In Baton Rouge

If you are searching for an emergency physician, family doctor, Pediatrician Baton Rouge or any family care physician in Baton Rouge, the top ranked and best-reviewed ones are located in Baton Rouge. The population of this Southern Louisiana town is one of the most densely populated in the United States. Because of the dense population and emergency conditions that Baton Rouge is known for, it is often referred to as a “Garden City.” As one of the major ports for all kinds of watercraft, the city is also known as the “Waterside Capital of the World.”

For those who are interested in becoming board certified and practicing in an area other than Louisiana, Dr. George C. Wallace is a fine example of a physician with credentials in both fields. He is a pediatrician and he serves that position at the Advocate Medical Center in Baton Rouge. It is interesting that this doctor serves in two different places because he believes firmly that the public should have access to prescription medications like insulin. Because of this, Wallace serves on the board of the Louisiana Health Connection, which is associated with Medicaid programs. According to his biography on the site, he has additional certifications from Medicare and the American Board of Pediatrics.

Thinking of Becoming a Pediatrician? Here's What You Should Know

Dr. James C. Perrin, DNP is another example of a physician with credentials in both fields. Dr. Perrin is a pediatrician and he is also a professor at Tulane University. He has served on the boards of both the American Association for Hospital Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He has had a seat in the Louisiana State Legislature and has been re-elected four times. He is a graduate of Tulane University and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the university.

Dr. David R. Sandra Franz is a pediatrician. Dr. Franz currently serves as the Director of the New Orleans Children’s Hospital. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the New Orleans Schools. Dr. Franz is an expert in pediatrics and he was a founding member of the New Orleans Children’s Hospital board. He received a master’s degree in public health from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, one of the top medical schools in the country.

Dr. Richard J. Gauger is a doctor who practices in Orleans Parish and is a member of the Louisiana Society for Pediatric Medicine. Dr. Gauger is a practicing pediatrician and he is known as the father of modern gynecology. Dr. Gauger has been named to numerous national publications including the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Gauger is a member of the board of directors of the Louisiana Pediatrician’s Association and he is a past president of the Louisiana Pediatricians’ Chapter.

Dr. William F.vale is a pulmonologist. He is currently a professor at the ULAA New Orleans Plantation. Dr. William F.vale is a practicing pulmonologist and he is also a consultant to The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at the Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. Dr. William F.Vale is also a consultant for The Alliance for Safe Cosmetics (ASC). He is listed on the roster of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and as a contributing writer to the “American Journal of Surgery”.