Best Nintendo DS Emulators For IPhone And IPad

I played on the PS Vita before but didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. But how often do you see someone carrying or even play on their DS anymore? We’re all occupied by our smartphone now. Most of the time, it’s on social media or reading a book.
For me, I carry multiple DS games on my iPhone. It’s much more convenient that way.
Yes, it’s possible to run such emulator on an iOS device. In fact, there are several working Nintendo DS emulators out there. In this article, I’ll show you three of the best emulators that I think will help you relive that classic retro gaming experience.

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This emulator was quite popular on iOS 7 and 8, its developer decided to remove the package from their Cydia repo and so it didn’t get an update for iOS 9 until recently. If you love Pokemon games then you will enjoy using NDS4iOS because it’s fast, easy-to-use, and powerful.
There are some downsides to NDS4iOS, you will have to download the ROMs files on your computer then use iTunes to import it to your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, since the emulator is no longer hosted on Cydia, users won’t be able to find a compatible version for their iOS 9 device from any third-party sources either.
How to Install NDS4iOS
On your iPhone or iPad, launch Safari and go to
The first option is Install so tap on that
You will be redirect to a Profile page
Keep tapping on the Install button
A new app called iOSEmusStore will appear on your Springboard
Open it and install NDS4iOS
As I mentioned earlier, you will need a computer and iTunes to install ROMs files. When you have the file you wanted, under iTunes navigation, choose Apps, and File Sharing.
iNDS – A Nintento DS tweak on Cydia
While NDS4iOS and GBA4iOS have been around since iOS 7, iNDS is a brand new jailbreak tweak available for free on Cydia for jailbroken iOS 9.x devices. Instead of using a computer to download your ROMs you can do so directly within the iNDS app.
Based on a comment from the developer on Reddit, this emulator can get up to 60 fps on newer iPhone and iPad models.
The only way to get iNDS on your iOS device is to jailbreak it using Pangu9 and that might be a disadvantage for some of you if your device is running on a non-compatible firmware.
How to get iNDS from Cydia
Go on Cydia
Use the Search feature and type in iNDS
Install and Respring
But wait, as always, there is an extra one included below.
iNDS is now available for iOS 10 as well. Click here to download theiPA file and learn how to sideload it without jailbreaking your device.
Do you favor the Game Boy Advance over Nintendo DS? Well, good news you can also play the Game Boy Advance games on your iPhone or iPad too.
There is nothing bad about GBA4iOS at all, just the fact that you will have to play older games and find your own ROMs. Unlike NDS4iOS, you can download ROMs files from the Safari browser and there will be an option to import it into the app once the download is completed.
How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone and iPad
Open up your Safari browser and go to
Download and Install GBA4iOS v2.1
You will receive a popup asking whether you wish to download the app, tap on Install
Since Apple has put restriction in their iOS 9, you will need to go to Settings app > General > Profile
Look for something that start with qingdao and choose Trust (read this for more details)
Return back to your home screen and now you can have access to the application. By default, everything should be blank and only its settings and navigation are visible.
According to the developer, simplicity and speed are their main focus when developing GBA4iOS. In the new version (2.1) they also added new features such as Cheats, AirPlay, Dropbox sync, optimized for iPad, and more.
Note: Some users are facing issue while downloading this application on their iPhone or iPad. Specifically, they will see the GBA4iOS Could Not be Installed at this time” error. This happens because the version that was downloaded is either not compatible or the package isn’t correctly produced. We recommend that you download GBA4iOS from the site above.
Where to find Pokemon and other ROMs for iOS?
There is no built-in store in the emulator for you to grab the ROMs that you want. But it’s very easy to download them from third-party sources.
Hint: A quick google search would suffice.
Warning: According to this post , using emulation and unauthorized roms can get you in trouble.
There you have it, folks, three emulators to choose from.
NDS4iOS and GBA4iOS can be installed on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iOS 9 devices, but iNDS tweak will required Cydia
(not anymore, go back to the tutorial above).
Let me know in the comment section below which one of your favorite Nintendo DS emulator.
Best Nintendo DS Games to Download
You just installed a Nintendo DS emulator on your iOS device.
Now what?
By default, emulators like iNDS and nds4iOS do not have pre-built ROMs in it. However, one thing the developer did leave us is a built-in browser that you can go to and download any game files for that emulator.
I’m a big fan of classic consoles and a bigger fan of games that I grew up playing. It brought a lot of joy and good ol’ memories back.
I figured why not shared them with you guys.
1. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
I was a little kid when my brother bought me this. I know, not sure what he was thinking but turned out the game wasn’t that bad.
Plus, who doesn’t like Grand Theft Auto? I used to love stealing other people cars and drive them around the city rather than killing and shooting human beings.
But it’s the other way around now :).
2. Pokémon Platinum
Pokemon has got to be one of my favorite video games series thus far, especially Platinum version.
The storyline involves a disturbance atop Mt. Coronet, as a portal to the Distortion World” (やぶれたせかい, Yabureta Sekai) is opened and Sinnoh’s climate becomes colder. The trainers have been given new outfits to suit the colder climate.
Once again, I love this game.
3. Super Mario 64 DS
During the event where Apple announced their new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the company also unveil a Super Mario game for iOS.
I got really excited until it came out like an endless running game. Think of Super Mario Run as Jetpack Joyride but with Nintendo coat of paint on it featuring your truly Super Mario and his friends.
If you can’t bare the game any longer, try Super Mario 64 DS. You can’t go wrong with that.
4. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Just like Super Mario and Pokemon, Dragon Quest has multiple series to it. However, Realms of Revelation remain one of my most liked version.
Why? Because I remember staying up until midnight just to beat a single boss while dying multiple times. I eventually kill him with a boomerang.
What do you think about my list? Comment down below.